In winter time, not a single sunbeam is being let down to Rjukan. Because of the high mountains around, is the Norwegian town in shade from October to March. In 1913 came a suggestion: You could place a large mirror up on the mountain edge and reflect sunlight down to the valley floor.


A hundred years later, the sunmirror was built.


This pictures is shown at Muun Gallery in Oslo from 10.february-7.th of april 2017.

Unbounded: Borders in disorder

This project explores light and shadow. The unclear borders makes an abstract transformation of daylight. Can you see the difference between heliostats and sun? Either way, the city of Rjukan is a contradictory place for light vs. shadow.


These pictures was shown at the exhibition "Unbounded" - Borders in disorder in Oslo 11-17th of march 2016.



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